Sales Excellence Program Manager (архив)

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Why does the Sales
Excellence Program Manager role exist?

The Sales Excellence Program Manager role adds value to
Microsoft by designing, driving and measuring the success of
specific Sales Excellence programs of significant strategy and
operational impact, designed to change sales and operational
behaviour, drive cross-group collaboration, and land priorities
with partners and customers.

How does the Sales
Excellence Program Manager
role add value?

The Sales Excellence Program Manager role
adds value by driving specific programmatic initiatives most
relevant to the business, as determined by the Sales Excellence
Manager and with guidance from the Sales Excellence Operations

 Examples of programmatic initiatives may
include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving successful segmentation from design to execution
    to measurement of success.
  • Driving Segment-Services integration, including engaging
    partners and customers as needed to identify root causes and land
  • Drive Customers and Partners experience (CPE) changes
    based on design of a programmatic approach to resolving CPE issues
    identified via customer surveys.
  • Land World Class Selling (WCS) capabilities and
    behaviours, i.e., a special focus on WCS skills as it relates to
    execution on process and tools.
  • Drive optimization in tools utilization, including
    leading an effort around a new tools launch, testing and adoption –
    e.g., Forecasting, Account Planning outsourcing.
  • Programmatically identify root causes for
    underperformance, leveraging a six sigma analytical approach where

The key initiatives and challenges facing the Sales
Excellence Program Manager role are: 

  • Land segmentation and drive productivity gains from
  • Drive cross-group collaboration and
  • Drive World Class Selling skills that enable solution
    selling and platform optimization selling
  • Drive revenue allocations project execution
  • Help optimize outsourcing around process and
  • Drive role elevation and skills building

Candidate’s profile:

  • 5–8 years of related experience as Strategy Manager,
    Senior Program Manager, Senior Business Analyst, Product
  • Higher education and MBA.
  • Sales experience or a keen understanding of sales
    processes.  Sales leadership experience is a significant
  • Strong ability to collaborate internally with people
    across sales and corporate responsibilities.
  • Strong project management and implementation experience
    that involves non-reporting stakeholders.
  • Ability to connect programmatic planning and resource
    management with the strategic “big picture”. 
  • Education, knowledge and experience in broad-based
    business management.
  • An ability to leverage systems and processes for
    implementing effective change programs.
  • Organizational agility and attributes of
  • Drive for results no matter what barriers


  1. Program Manager
  2. Sales Manager
  3. Sales manager (ERP)
  4. Senior sales manager
  5. Junior Sales Manager

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