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Product manager of data communication (архив)

Регион: Москва
Требуемый опыт работы: Более 3 лет
Предполагаемый уровень месячного дохода:

не указан

Job description:rong>

1.  Planning and implementation technical communications, understanding customer technical requirements and be able to guide the customer requirements;
2.  Complete tailored project proposal based on customer requirements;
3. Present tailored solution and the relative technical explanation;
4. Planning, promotion and implementation for big project especially in telecommunication field;
5. Help sales to establish, maintain and strengthen the key customer relationships;
Position requirements:
1. Deeply understanding data communication protocols, solutions and hardware;
2. Familiar with popular communication technology on LAN/WAN;
3. Long term experience of working with telecommunication operator ;
4. Have the ability of project operation independently; 
5. The ability of analysis technologies and equipments which comes from different vendors;
6. Good communication skill, team work spirit and strong work responsibility;
8. At least 3 years experience in telecommunication industry and relative job.



  1. Engineer of Optical Network & Data Communication (SPetersburg)
  2. Product manager
  3. Product manager (SDH)
  4. Product manager (e-learning)
  5. Senior product manager of Mobile VAS

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