Senior Developer / Analyst (архив)

Регион: Новосибирск
Требуемый опыт работы: Более 1 года
Предполагаемый уровень месячного дохода:

от 50 000

 до 66 000



  • An employee will be responsible for analysis, specification, driving and even development of features for retailed billing solution produced by The Company for new version of its major product – Parallels Panel.
  • Employee’s duties include research of all aspects of requested functionality through available data sources and identifying common operating requirements, scenarios, restrictions and risks. Short but throrough specification is expected as a result. We work in agile style, so requirements should be split in phases implementable in short-term.


  • Solid understanding of Internet & network systems operations (DNS, web, mail, FTP, etc);
  • Skilled in researching problem domain, designing specifications for a software considering common requirements, restrictions, risks and available implementation means.
  • Understanding quality assurance principles and methods.
  • Able to clearly express their thoughts in English (Upper-Intermediate);
  • Experienced in web development, familiar with existing approaches and best practices;
  • Experience in developing web-based business solutions is hghly desired;
  • Good knowledge of PHP;
  • 2+ years of experience (as developer or analyst) at mature (200 000 LOC or higher) projects with 3+ releases during involvement time


  1. Senior Analyst
  2. Senior developer and analyst
  3. Senior Java Developer
  4. Senior Software Engineer (UI Web Developer)
  5. Senior Java Developer

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