IT System Administrator Intern (#571093) (архив)

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Please note that this vacancy is for full-time or PhD students only!

Description In this position, you will be working in IT Engineering computing team and will be responsible for computing environment support for IT customers. Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
– Responding to customer and/or client requests or events as they occur
– Maintaining the computing machine pools including HW and OS areas
– Working on engineering solutions applied for customers   Qualifications You should possess a relevant educational qualification with administrative experience in UNIX* or Linux*, and administrative experience in Microsoft* Windows*. Additional qualifications include:
- Technical English
– Ability to work in a team environment
– Ability to learn fast to pickup new knowledge
– Experience in programming (at least Perl or Shell* languages) would be an added advantage


  1. Sales Administrator
  2. System Administrator
  3. Customer Support Representative
  4. Senior Performance Test Developer
  5. Senior Software Engineer (UI Web Developer)

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