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Business Manager (архив)

Регион: Москва Требуемый опыт работы: Более 1 года Предполагаемый уровень месячного дохода:

от 1 500

 до 2 000

Business Manager is a key member of the Russia Public Sector  Management Team.   Business Manager is responsible for providing business management services for the Public Sector Russia. Business Manager is also responsible for supporting the business objectives in planning and execution of fiscal year MYR (Mid Year Review) and budgeting processes, business analysis and modeling and for partnering with Finance to create, track and analyze key business metrics. Business Manager will be expected to manage multiple priorities and therefore must be flexible and have excellent strategic, analytical, cross-group collaboration and planning/organizational skills.  

  • Drive Russia Public Sector Rhythm

–       Relationship Management (RM) § Develop and implement subsidiary plan to drive RM process adoption and quality of account planning §  Own BIF & investments process –      Business Management (BM) § Serve as Business Manager for PS Director, own managing and developing ofcontent and communication for presentations to internal and external audiences § Manage Exec visits timetable, and Exec Map strategy § Drive the MYR and new fiscal business planning communications & process § Drive budget process in PS Russia § Drive quota setting in PS Russia § Drive GRS & ECS process (ECS: Land Enterprise Customer Satisfaction (ECS) process for all customers. Land strategy at seller and manager level (e.g. hold ATU Managers accountable for participation, response rates, and closed loop);GRS: Land effective preparation process, fully aligned with subsidiary CPE(Customer Partner Experience) team (e.g. hold ATU Managers accountable for participation, response rates, and closed loop). § Drive annual segmentation process for PS Russia (fully own preparation process on all levels)  § Develop and prepare the business and data insights for the processes of Public Sector and EPG resource planning and strategic growth planning on 1 and 3 year time horizon. § Deal Factory: Drive segment Deal Factory structure and practices, including Account Manager (AM)/ATU Manager attendance at Account Clinics.  Integrate with existing Sales Excellence processes (account planning, ROB(rhytm of business) , forecasting).

  • Co-ordinate and lead Russia Public Sector Business Operations

–      Development of Sales Excellence capabilities § Cross-sector:  Provide an efficient cross-sector Sales Excellence function spanning scorecard, rhythm of the business (ROB), and BM. § Business analytics:  Develop and manage segment business analytics capabilities to drive efficiency and effectiveness. –      ROB § Manage ROB: Manage the Enterprise ROB process (monthly reviews, quarterly business updates). Own report preparation, timeliness, and accuracy.  Build action management plan following ROB outcomes and leveraging analytics   –      Forecasting §  Implement a forecasting process to prove EPG(Enterprise Partner Group) management/ manage quarterly accountability. Leverage World Wide EPG Forecasting Process and tools where available. –      Opportunity Management (OM) § Implement a result-oriented pipeline review process, fully aligned with cross-segment forecast on sub level  § Continue to drive adjusted pipeline coverage to 120%. § Continue to drive win/ loss/ disengaged reporting  § Drive partner engagement in OM.   –      Alignment the frameworks of Public Sector and EPG operations and role engagements.

  • Special projects

–      Lead special projects on behalf of PS Lead, typically those with long-term cross-business impact

Field readiness process coordination: serve as customer systems/infrastructure champ, organize trainings and best practice for internal tools usage on AM/ATS level


  1. Business Process Specialist
  2. Sales Excellence Program Manager
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Partner Account Manager-Reseller (Kazan)
  5. Business Process Analyst

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