Partner Account Manager-Reseller (Kazan) (архив)

Partner Account Manager-Reseller
Accountable for the transaction partners (Distribution, Resellers)
as well as channel incentives including fees and rebates (measured
against respective functional scorecard).

Provide strategic leadership for the transactional channel,
working in close cooperation with our Business Groups, Depth and
Breadth customer segments to create and implement program
strategies that drive desired business outcomes and meet the needs
of our customers and partners.
Why does the role exist?
To account manage key resellers that drive volume licensing
transactions as their core focus.

How does the role add value?
Local focused and responsible for managing key Reseller partners
identified in the subsidiary and executing aggressive sales and
marketing strategies that drive broad and specific revenue goals
which are tightly aligned with the subsidiary goals. Manage daily
sales and marketing activities and relationships, as well as
executive contacts (as required).

How is role unique from other roles?
This role will focus squarely on the resellers’ partner

What are key initiatives and challenges facing this role
over the next six months to three years?

  • Key Initiatives:
    • Develop partner business plans and conditions of
    • Business plans to support agreed initiatives to achieve revenue
  • Challenges:
    • PAMs often manage combo partner portfolios, partnership and
      alignment with the Solution Partner Group is required (joint
      segmentation and selection and portfolios prioritization


  • Grow the business:
    • Core sales and marketing focus driving attainment of specific
      revenue goals;
    • Work with each partner to develop pipeline review and forecast
    • Coach partners on pipeline management activities;
    • Engage in co-selling/sales support activities with partners and
      their customers for key opportunities.
  • Develop Annual Business Plans:
    • Develop and successfully execute account specific strategies
      and ensure local business plans with conditions of satisfaction are
      created to achieve goals;
  • Build and execute marketing plans:
    • To support sales strategies, including tightly managing a
      marketing funds budget.
    • Develop strategy to ensure partner delivers quality and
      consistency in supporting Microsoft programs and product
  • Business Relationships:
    • Develop and maintain strong business relationships throughout
      sales, marketing and operations, and with top partner
  • Partner Satisfaction.
    • Attainment of COS (conditions of satisfaction) established in
      business plans.
    • Help drive partner satisfaction by ensuring majority of time is
      spent with your partners.
    • Ensure partner awareness of the Response Management
    • Use Partner Experience Center (PEC, internal tool, part of RM)
      to resolve complex partner questions.

Candidate’s profile:

  • Higher education;
  • More then 5 years of relevant experience leading channel
    strategy, sales strategy, sales organization, managing people and
  • Strong leadership in communities, managing through
  • Drive for result, confidence.
  • Upper-Intermediate English.


  1. Partner Account Manager-Reseller (Kazan)
  2. Enterprise Account Manager
  3. Account Manager
  4. Partner Marketing Specialist (Central Europe)
  5. Services Sales Manager

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